JHC Edge Controller, Optimal Solution for Industrial Automation

JHC Edge Controller, Optimal Solution for Industrial Automation



In the era of Industry 4.0, the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth of integration, is triggering a profound impact on the industrial revolution. In the next 5 years, the market capacity of high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots and visual inspection will increase sharply.

Global Motion Control Market Overview
Motion control is considered as a key fundamental technological foundation of industrial robots. In order to control a machine process, it is important that the object position is measured accurately. Feedback comparison of the actual position and the target is a natural step for implementing a motion control system. 


JHC's KGEC embedded controller are tailored to high-end or low-end automation industry, equipped with Intel® Skylake-S/Kabylake-S/Whiskey lake-U CPU and modular I/O expansion , supporting EtherCAT/CanOpen communication interfaces , integrating PLC control technology , PC information technology,  motion control ,  gateway , I/O data acquisition , bus protocol , device networking and etc .

1)Mutiple interfaces
DP+DVI-I, HDMI+DVI-D display, the signal can be transmitted up to 30m without attenuation--adapt to the diffrent wiring requirements
 I210 AT network chip, EtherCAT Master+ CanOpen protocol 
POE camera interface and 16-bit isolation DIO
1*PCIe+2*PCI expansion

2)Software kit
RTOS: Windows system( RTX, INtime, EC-Win), clock jitter 2~5 μs ;Linux system (Ubuntu+Ubuntu Preempt- RT),clock jitter 30 μs
Third party controller development platform Codesys (optional)
3)Ingenious design
CPU dissipation (passive and active), Intelligent temperature control silent fan,dust-proof
H110 chip, optional dual-and quad- core . small size,IO in one side, din-rail and wall-mounted installation
Support multi-language and multi-task operating system